Finding the Right Plumber for Your Binghamton, NY Home

If you’re looking for someone to take care of the plumbing problems in your Binghamton, NY home, you should know that it’s important to seek expert assistance. Proper plumbing design goes beyond the installation of pipes and repairing a leaky faucet – it’s a science in and of itself. A good plumber needs to understand how to provide the right water pressure and flow, and how to keep any contaminants out of your water lines. According to the Better Business Bureau, there are a few things you should look for when choosing a plumber for your needs.

  • License – Your plumber, as well as any subcontractors and journeymen, should be licensed by the state.
  • Proof of Insurance – Make sure your plumber has proof of workman’s compensation and general liability.
  • Business Stability – How long has the contractor been in the plumbing business, at its present location?
  • Building Codes – Does your plumber work with your municipal codes enforcer to ensure that building codes are met?

When looking for a reliable plumbing company for your Binghamton, NY home, you need to look deeper into the estimated cost when considering the right plumber for the job. Some plumbing businesses will charge according to time and material, while other companies will charge a flat rate. When you get an estimate from a company, be sure to ask what will be provided for the price quoted. You should understand that there are several variables in developing the price, which include:

  • Time that it takes to complete the installation or perform the repair.
  • Quality of the fixtures.
  • Number of fixtures.

Remember, the company quoting a low rate may not necessarily be the right company for you. Some plumbing companies may offer low hourly rates, but then charge additional “equipment fees” for certain tools needed on the job. Ask if there are any additional charges for equipment, truck or trip costs.

At Petcosky & Sons, we have been providing plumbing services to people throughout the Binghamton, NY area since 1982. We know that when it comes to plumbing contractors, you have a lot of choices – which is why we want you to know that not all choices are alike, and not every plumbing contractor is licensed and offers you top products installed by highly trained plumbing technicians. We’re proud to be able to offer our customers the best brands in the industry and top-notch installation. You can count on us to provide Rinnai, Kohler, Moen, Delta and Bradford White, among many other leading plumbing equipment and fixture brands. And, we offer a wide number of services for your convenience, including:

Our qualified staff of plumbing technicians, who can help with anything from a leaky faucet to a complete remodel, will provide all of the work we’ll do for you. Because we work hard to provide you with the best products and services, we’re never finished with the job until you’re completely satisfied. As a fully licensed and insured master plumber, our goal is always to offer you the best plumbing contractor services available.

We provide plumbing services in Binghamton, NY, The Southern Tier, and Susquehanna County, PA. When you need a plumbing contractor, don’t just settle on anyone – choose a company that offers highly skilled technicians and the best in products, coupled with years of experience. Just call our trusted team at Petcosky & Sons at (607) 797-0160, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Heating Your Home – Is Gas or Oil the Answer?

If you’re trying to decide between gas heat and oil heat, you’ll want to think about the pros and cons of both methods. Because the winters can be long in the Binghamton, NY area, it’s likely that you’re seeking the most cost effective, energy efficient method of heating your home. What is your furnace’s efficiency? What is your monthly cost for fuel? These are a couple of factors you’ll want to consider when choosing between gas and oil heat. You should know that you can count on Petcosky & Sons to help, should you choose to convert from oil to gas heat.

There are many benefits to choosing gas heating for your Binghamton, NY home. First of all, natural gas warms your home at a more cost-effective price. Additionally, natural gas burns much cleaner than oil, and helps your furnace run more quietly and need less maintenance. A gas furnace provides better energy efficiency, using between 89 to 98 percent of the fuel burned to directly heat your home. That means much less fuel waste – and more money left in your pocket when it comes time to pay utility bills.

Oil heating, conversely, is less efficient than gas heating. Oil burning furnaces generally require more maintenance, so even though they cost less than gas furnaces, there are other costs associated including maintenance, filter replacement, and the cost of a fuel storage tank for your home. And, unlike natural gas, which is piped directly into your home, oil furnaces require regular fuel deliveries – so you will have to maintain a delivery schedule if you don’t want to face running out of fuel on one of those cold Binghamton, NY nights during the winter!

At Petcosky & Sons, we’re dedicated to helping our customers enjoy the best home comfort products, as well as helping them receive greater energy efficiency and savings on their utility bills. That’s why we’re pleased to convert oil to gas for our customers. We’ll help your oil to gas conversion process in your Binghamton, NY home go as smoothly as possible, so that you’ll be able to experience greater comfort and energy savings quickly. Our top priority is your comfort, and we’ll help you convert your oil to gas from start to finish. Our goal is to offer our customers the very best oil to gas conversion possible, with skilled technicians who proudly provide quality craftsmanship.

As a Binghamton, NY homeowner, you’ll want to consider the options before choosing the right heating solution for your home. By comparing annual costs, environmental concerns and energy efficiency, you’ll be able to select the right option – gas or oil – for you and your home. Petcosky & Sons offers oil to gas conversion throughout the area. To find out more about the benefits of an oil to gas conversion for your home, let our expert technicians help. Just call our trusted team at (607) 797-0160, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

How Do You Know What Furnace is Best for Your Binghamton, NY Home?

You’ve seen the signs that you might need a new furnace in your Binghamton, NY home – more frequent need for repairs, higher utility bills and a marked decrease in your home comfort. You certainly don’t want to be left out in the cold once the snow flies, but you also aren’t sure what exactly you need for optimal home comfort. Before you make any decisions, at Petcosky & Sons, we think it’s important for our customers to do some research.

You should know that looking for a furnace is as important is looking for a new car. Winters in the Binghamton, NY area are long, cold and demanding on both your furnace and your energy budget. That’s why when the time comes for a new furnace; there are a few factors you need to take into consideration. The furnace’s energy efficiency, innovative features and correct size are all important aspects to take into account.

System Efficiency

The first factor you’ll want to consider is the new furnace’s annual fuel utilization efficiency, or AFUE as it’s commonly called. What is an AFUE? It’s a percentage that shows the percentage of fuel that goes to heat your home. For instance, if the furnace currently in your Binghamton, NY home has an AFUE of 75 percent, that means only 75 percent of the fuel it uses actually heats your home. The other 25 percent is wasted, essentially going out the chimney. Today’s furnaces boast AFUE ratings up to 98 percent – and that can save you significantly on energy costs. True, a high-efficiency furnace can be more costly to purchase, but you’ll save on energy every time the furnace runs, which often makes up for that initial additional cost in fuel savings.

Innovative Features

If you have an older furnace in your Binghamton, NY home, you’re probably missing out on some of today’s more innovative furnace features. For instance, many modern furnaces are built with an electronically commutated motor, which helps with energy efficiency and home comfort. With this type of motor, less electricity is used and the motor runs more quietly. The air is mixed more consistently, leading to more even warming of your home. Additionally, there are a couple of newer furnace types that can help you stay more comfortable. Variable heat output furnaces are, in essence, “smart” furnaces, in that they adjust the amount of the fuel sent to the burner. That means, when you need less heat, the furnace doesn’t burn as much fuel. Condensing furnaces are one of the highest efficiency furnaces you can buy because of their dual heat exchangers. Furnaces such as these boast fuel efficiencies of 95 percent or higher.

Furnace Size

When you call on the experienced HVAC technicians at Petcosky & Sons, we’ll help you find out the best furnace size for the unique needs of your Binghamton, NY home. If you install something too large, the furnace will run in short cycles, which causes wear and tear because of the frequent starting up and shutting down. Too small a furnace will not keep your home adequately heated. By performing a load calculation, our expert technician will help you get the furnace that’s just right!

When it comes time to purchase your new furnace, do your research, and then call us. Petcosky & Sons provides furnace services in Binghamton, NY. We want to provide you with the best furnace system installation possible. We’re proud of our skilled technicians and our knowledgeable sales staff, as well as the high-quality furnaces we provide. Our priority is always your happiness and your comfort, and we’re not satisfied until you are. When you need a new furnace in your home from a name you can trust, contact Petcosky & Sons. No matter what your furnace needs, we’re here to help. Just call our trusted team at Petcosky & Sons at (607) 797-0160, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Common Hot Water Heater Problems

Is your hot water heater in Binghamton, NY acting up, and you’re not sure why? Then you might want to do some troubleshooting to help decide your next course of action. While for the most part hot water heaters are pretty trouble-free, there are some common issues that they experience, so some preventive maintenance on occasion can help reduce water heater problems. Here are some commonly observed concerns, what they mean, and what your course of action should be.

My water supply is at a trickle.

If you have hard water in your Binghamton, NY home, then this is the likely culprit. That’s because sediment from hard water (like lime) can build up in your tank, taking up space and reducing the volume of water in your tank. Give us a call and we’ll drain and flush your tank for you.

My hot water heater won’t heat.

If this is happening, it might be that the gas flame is out (if you have a gas hot water heater) or that the hot water heater’s thermostat isn’t working properly. Check this by running a hot tap for several minutes, because if your thermostat is working properly, the burner should light automatically. If this isn’t happening, you can call us to come in and take a look to best determine what repairs you might need.

My hot water heater is noisy.

If you’re noticing pings and pops coming from the hot water heater in your Binghamton, NY home, it probably is because you have sediment built up in the bottom of your tank. Those noises are a result of the build-up heating up before the water can. Again, draining and flushing the tank can solve this.

My water smells unpleasant.

Unfortunately, this could mean you have a bacteria problem in your tank. Bacteria may be growing because of organics that are entering your tank from your well and water pipes. You’ll need some help from a plumber like Petcosky & Sons on this one, because you’ll need to have your tank drained and flushed, and possibly your pipes as well. There are other solutions we will discuss with you, like replacing your anode rod or lining your tank.

My hot water doesn’t last for long.

If you’re getting hot water for only a short time in your Binghamton, NY home, then you could be having some issues with your tank’s dip tube, which under normal circumstances fills the tank bottom, which allows hot water to rise up for use. If this is the issue, probably the dip tube will need replacing. Call us for a fix.

At Petcosky & Sons, we’ve been helping our customers with their hot water heaters for more than 56 years, and we can help with any concern you might be having, too. Whether you’re experiencing any of the issues above, or if it’s time for a new hot water heater installation in your Binghamton, NY home, we can assist you. Just call our trusted team at (607) 797-0160, and we’ll be more than happy to help you with all of your hot water heater needs.

Seasonal Air Conditioning Maintenance for Your Binghamton, NY Home

When you start up your air conditioning system after the long, cold Binghamton, NY winter for the first time, you might cross your fingers that it’ll work glitch-free right away. But you won’t have to worry if you choose seasonal air conditioning service from Petcosky & Sons. You might be thinking that air conditioner maintenance is costly, and maybe something you can just do without. The truth is, having your air conditioner serviced on an annual basis can actually help you save money. Below are a few reasons why you might want to consider annual maintenance for your air conditioning unit.

  • Annual maintenance can keep small problems from becoming major ones. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your air conditioning system in your Binghamton, NY home, looking for any small problems that can be easily fixed. That’s because often, these problems become more extensive – and more costly. Over time, even smaller problems can grow to the point they cause a system breakdown, and a high repair bill.
  • Annual maintenance extends the life of your system. Just like you would have your car tuned-up and inspected on an annual basis, so you should with your air conditioner as well. Undoubtedly, the comfort system in your Binghamton, NY home is one of the most costly investments you’ve made, so maintaining it regularly is just good common sense.
  • Annual maintenance makes your home’s air cleaner and healthier. Think about it – your air conditioner is unused for much of the year, and it’s subject to moisture and pathogens like mold, mildew, bacteria and dust. That means that once the time comes to fire it up, it’s going to start blowing all of those things through your Binghamton, NY home! When you get annual air conditioning service, our techs will thoroughly clean your system and change filters.
  • Annual maintenance helps your system maintain its efficiency. Studies have shown that when air conditioning systems receive regular maintenance, they’ll likely maintain up to 95 percent of their original efficiency. That means you’ll recover the cost of your maintenance by the savings you’ll see on your utility bills and reduced repair costs.
  • Annual maintenance ensures your air conditioning system is ready for summer. When you choose annual air conditioner maintenance from Petcosky & Sons for your Binghamton, NY home, you’ll receive a complete service check. We’ll clean your coils, check your compressor, oil motors, check your belts, and check operating pressures and temperatures. We’ll make sure your coolant levels are adequate, too – even if you’re just 10 percent low on coolant, you could be spending significantly more than you need to on operating costs.

When you need annual air conditioning service for your Binghamton, NY home, you can count on Petcosky & Sons to help. We’re pleased to provide expert AC service and tune-up. Just call our trusted team at (607) 797-0160, and we’ll be more than happy to help you with all of your air conditioner maintenance needs.

Need a New Air Conditioner for Your Binghamton, NY Home? Petcosky & Sons Can Help!

Summer’s heat will be in Binghamton, NY before you know it. While you’re undoubtedly looking forward to milder weather considering the rough winter we had this year, you may find your home to be uncomfortably warm once summer hits. If you have an older air conditioning system in your home, you might be finding that it isn’t keeping your home as cool as you’d like, your energy bills are skyrocketing, and you’re spending more for repairs and service than you’d like. If you’re not completely happy with the current air conditioning situation in your Binghamton, NY home, there’s no better time than now to call Petcosky & Sons.

That’s because right now, we’re passing along a very special savings to our customers throughout the Binghamton, NY area. In fact, you could save more than $2200 on a new cooling and heating system from Petcosky & Sons and Carrier thanks to the Carrier Cool Cash rebate. When you choose to install a new, high efficiency air conditioning from Carrier through us, you’ll enjoy savings now and well into the future. Through advance air conditioning technology, Carrier’s new systems provide the comfort you’d expect, but at a much higher efficiency than older air conditioner models offered. As a result, you’ll enjoy comfort that may help you save on your utility bills!

Here’s how you can save when you call Petcosky & Sons:

  • Manufacturer’s Rebate: $1450
  • Utility Rebate: $355
  • 10-Year Parts & Labor Warranty: $485 value
  • Total Savings: $2990

As you can see, when you choose to install a Carrier air conditioning system from Petcosky & Sons, we’ll provide you with a system that not only offers the optimum in cooling for your Binghamton, NY home, but also the best savings. And what’s more, we also offer comprehensive air conditioning services, so whether you need a new installation, repair or tune-up, we’ll meet your needs promptly, professionally and courteously. Our technicians and sales force can help you navigate through all of your options to find the air conditioner you need for maximum home comfort.

With more than 56 years of experience in helping people throughout the Binghamton, NY area keep their cool all summer long, Petcosky & Sons is ready to help you install your new air conditioning system. But you’ll need to act soon, because this offer ends on June 30, 2014. For additional details on this offer, as well as on our lineup of quality, high-efficiency Carrier equipment, contact us at (607) 797-0160.

Petcosky & Sons Launches New Website

Petcosky & Sons is pleased to announce the recent launch of their new website. The new site offers many new benefits for our customers, including comprehensive information, ease of use and ability for the customer to communicate with Petcosky & Sons online. This, combined with a modern, sleek, design make our website more user-friendly and navigable.

The website features well-defined sections that allow customers to find out how Petcosky & Sons can assist them with specific needs, including air conditioning, plumbing, heating, air quality and commercial HVAC. Easy to read service area maps will allow customers to quickly see the areas we serve. There are also convenient online contact forms that make it simple to request service and information from our sales staff and technicians.

The website was conceived and designed by MPW Marketing, an advertising firm in the Mohawk Valley region of New York specializing in HVAC marketing. “Our website design for Petcosky & Sons is customer-focused,” said MPW Marketing Owner and Online Director Matt Wilson. “We wanted to create a look that was modern, coupled with simple navigation and relevant content, so that Petcosky’s customers would have the best possible experience while visiting this website.”

Petcosky & Sons invites you to browse our new site and learn all about what we can offer you when it comes to improved comfort – whether you need HVAC assistance at home or commercially, we think you’ll be pleased with the updates to our site and the ease of use.