Controls & Thermostats in the Binghamton, NY Area

Controls & Thermostats in the Binghamton, NY AreaThe best way to ensure that your heating system is working at its best is by installing the right type of controls and thermostats. The right thermostat can offers ultimate control, and can help you better manage your home’s energy use. Turn to the experts at Petcosky & Sons to provide you with the most technologically advanced controls and thermostats on the market.

When you count on Petcosky & Sons for your controls and thermostats, we’ll provide you with devices that provide advanced capabilities and energy management. The heating system controls and thermostats we install are slim, stylish and offer easy-to-read screens and an easy-to-use interface. Programmable models are available, which can help you manage your heat usage and keep those utility bills under control.

Petcosky & Sons is pleased to offer controls and thermostats for your heating system and much more.

Controls & Thermostats in the Binghamton, NY AreaToday’s thermostats and controls have changed from those available even just a few years ago. They offer digital display, buttons or touch screens that make programming simple and advanced technology that makes them complementary to modern air conditioning equipment. From customized zoning capabilities to remote online access, our controls and thermostats can help simplify your life – and save you money. 

Our expert technicians will be happy to install your heating system thermostats and controls, and will explain to you all the features. They’ll show you how to program your new thermostat for optimal energy efficiency and complete home comfort.

We provide heating services in Binghamton, NY, The Southern Tier, and Susquehanna County, PA. When you count on Petcosky & Sons, you’ll ensure that you have the best thermostats and controls for your heating system. Just call our trusted team at Petcosky & Sons at (607) 797-0160, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.