Air Conditioning is Important for Elderly Binghamton Homeowners

When summer arrives and the temperatures start to heat up, people in Binghamton rely on AC to keep cool. Air conditioning is a great way to escape from the hot, humid outdoor weather. Most people just think of it as a way to keep comfortable once the mercury rises. For some, however, having AC in their home can be a lifesaver.

One population that is particularly prone to heat-related illness is the elderly. There are a few reasons why older people have more trouble than others when it’s hot out. In a report by the UC Davis School of Medicine, they note that hot weather is a big concern for the aging population. The report indicates that senior citizens account for a large portion of heat-related hospitalizations and deaths.

How can air conditioning help seniors in Binghamton?

To see how air conditioning helps, it’s important to understand why the heat affects seniors more than other groups. First of all, many older people have poorer circulation. That makes it harder for them to keep blood flowing properly, which helps people stay cool. Many take medications that make regulating body temperatures more difficult. Some have weight and mobility issues that keep them from being able to move to a cool area when the temperatures soar. And, those with dementia may not be aware that they feel thirsty or hot. Home cooling for the elderly is not only important, but often necessary.

If you have an elderly family member, knowing that hot temperatures can be harmful or even fatal is your first step. Helping them get reliable home cooling is the next. At Petcosky & Sons, our ultimate goal is working with people in Binghamton to ensure their air conditioning needs are met. We want our customers to enjoy comforting, efficient AC so that they can enjoy the best quality of life possible. Petcosky & Sons understands that many older people are on a tight budget, which is why we strive to provide people with the best AC for their needs – and their wallet.

Count on Petcosky & Sons to help when you or your loved one need AC in your Binghamton home.

At Petcosky & Sons, we’re ready to help meet the air conditioning needs of your Binghamton home. We want you to stay safe and comfortable, no matter what the weather outside is like. We offer both central air conditioning and ductless AC options. Plus, you can count on us when you need AC maintenance or repair, too. No matter what your air conditioner needs, we’re here to help. Just call our trusted team at Petcosky & Sons at (607) 797-0160, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Allergy Sufferers Can Enjoy Relief with Air Scrubber Plus®

For many people, the arrival of spring also means the arrival of allergy symptoms. Itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, head congestion and coughing are just a few, and they are uncomfortable. The American College of Allergies, Asthma and Immunology, or ACAAI says that 40 to 60 million Americans suffer from allergies that cause the symptoms of allergic rhinitis listed above. The ACAAI also indicates that for most, allergic rhinitis takes two different forms. Mold and pollen trigger seasonal sufferers. Perennial sufferers deal with symptoms year-round, and are usually triggered by dust, pet dander and mold.

What can you do if you’re dealing with the uncomfortable side effects of allergies? Too often, people just try to live with them. Most organizations like the ACAAI recommend using air filters or cleaners to reduce the amount of allergens in household air, but many people don’t take that advice. People worry about the expense, or a unit taking up space in their home. They are concerned about noise, or having to replace filters on a frequent basis. Rather than finding a solution that helps them feel better, they suffer all through allergy season – when they don’t have to.

Petcosky & Sons offers innovative air quality solutions, like the Air Scrubber Plus.

The first thing any allergy sufferer should do is find a company to help them improve the air they breathe. They should look for someone who offers a number of air quality solutions, like filters and cleaners. Allergy sufferers should also look for someone who understands and uses new technology. Nowadays, people spend more time indoors than ever before, and that means inventors are coming up with new methods for cleaning the air we breathe all the time. A reputable company will look at all the new air quality innovations, and bring the best choices to their customers.

Petcosky & Sons is always looking at new ways to help their customers stay comfortable and healthy. You count on us to bring you the best heating, cooling and plumbing solutions. Did you know you can also trust us with your air quality needs, too. We help our customers, especially those with allergies, get the air quality solutions they need. At Petcosky & Sons, we provide a range of products that can help take care of those itchy eyes and that sneezing nose. Most recently, we’ve added the Air Scrubber Plus to our repertoire of air quality solutions.

The Air Scrubber Plus goes to work for you immediately.

Once installed by one of our highly skilled technicians, the Air Scrubber Plus begins to work right away. You’ll be able to enjoy fresher, purer air in your home in no time. And, the only thing you will notice about the Air Scrubber Plus is your improved air quality – it’s installed in your existing ductwork and is not visible inside your home. There are many benefits you’ll enjoy when you install an Air Scrubber Plus in your home, which include:

  • Reduction of dangerous airborne contaminants
  • A cleaner home environment for your family
  • Health benefits due to a reduction in pathogens
  • 24/7 air cleaning
  • Reduction in environmental toxins
  • Removal of pet and cooking odors
  • Prolonged life of heating and cooling equipment

Your comfort is important to us – we know how unpleasant it is to suffer from the effects of poor indoor air quality. We’re pleased to provide you with the best installation of your Air Scrubber Plus, and we’re never done with the job until you, the customer, is completely satisfied with the work we’ve done. When you need improved air quality in your home, breathe easy – just call our trusted team at Petcosky & Sons at (607) 797-0160, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Concerned About Flood Damage in Your Home? FloodStop™ Can Help.

Anyone who has had to deal with a flood in his or her home knows the damage it can cause. Not only do you have to pay a lot of money to repair damages and replace items like furniture and appliances. Flooding can cause you to lose items that are irreplaceable, like family heirlooms and photos. Flooding due to natural causes can’t necessarily be avoided, which is unfortunate. But, what if you could easily prevent other types of floods in your home?

RestorationEze, a flood remediation conglomerate, says that many times when they’re called into water-damaged homes, the flooding happened because of leaky household appliances. They cite five common household appliances as the main culprits. Fortunately, at Petcosky & Sons we have a solution that can help keep these appliances from flooding – the FloodStop system.

FloodStop products help stop flood damage before it really starts. They automatically shut off the water supply to appliances whenever they start to leak. Not only that, FloodStop valves are of the highest quality – they are the only product of their kind that uses solid, lead-free brass motorized ball valves. In fact, they have been named one of Reader’s Digest’s top 100 new products. Available for every appliance in your home, FloodStop units can be powered either by batteries or AC.

Does FloodStop make valves for all of the most problematic appliances?

According to RestorationEze, the appliances below cause the most flooding in homes:


  • Why do they flood? Refrigerators that are equipped with an ice machine are most prone to flooding. That’s because the water line that leads to the ice machine can become unattached. Therefore, you could be looking at some serious flood damage in your kitchen if the line detaches.
  • Does FloodStop offer a solution? Yes! FloodStop makes a shut-off valve specifically for ice makers, installed by your Petcosky & Sons professional plumber.


  • Why do they flood? Dishwashers most often overflow because someone used either too much or the wrong kind of soap. Another common cause is the strainer being clogged with food, debris and solidified detergent.
  • Does FloodStop offer a solution? Yes! Petcosky & Sons will be happy to install a FloodStop unit on your dishwasher, so you won’t worry about a kitchen flood again!

Washing Machines

  • Why do they flood? There are many issues that can cause a washing machine to leak, including the inlet connections and the hose connections. Because of the large amount of water they use, a washing machine flood can be damaging.
  • Does FloodStop offer a solution? They do! In fact, FloodStop offers two different models to ensure there is a solution for your washing machine valve configuration.

Water Heaters

  • Why do they flood? Water heater can flood for a variety of reasons – malfunctioning valves, leaky plumbing connections, and corrosion of the tank itself. While Petcosky & Sons can help you if you need a new hot water heater, we can also help if you’d like to prevent flooding.
  • Does FloodStop offer a solution? Actually, FloodStop offers many models for all water heater sizes and configurations.


  • Why do they flood? Clogged pipes or water float malfunction can cause your toilet to flood. (If you can’t clear a clog with the plunger, you can call Petcosky & Sons to help.)
  • Does FloodStop offer a solution? Yes! Petcosky & Sons will be happy to install a FloodStop system on your toilet.

Additionally, FloodStop makes a system for sinks, as well as a whole-house system. Petcosky & Sons offers expert installation of all FloodStop products, giving you peace of mind knowing that flood damage to your home can be minimized. To learn more about the many innovative FloodStop products we’re able to install in your home, give us a call at 607.797.0160. We’ll be more than happy to help you get the flood prevention products you need for your home.

6 Things You Should Ask When You Need Help with Plumbing in Your Binghamton, NY Home

If you’re in need of plumbing services for your Binghamton, NY home, you probably are wondering how you can know who the right plumber for the job is. According to an article on Angie’s List, “hiring a plumber is an important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly by homeowners.” They cite that plumbers install and repair in very important parts of the home – places that can be costly to fix if the plumbing isn’t done right the first time.

The article suggests six questions you should ask when hiring a plumber for your home, and how Petcosky & Sons stacks up:

  • Are they licensed? At Petcosky & Sons, we are a fully licensed master plumber. That means the work we do on the plumbing in your Binghamton, NY home will be completed professionally by expert plumbers, using the best products available. Count on us to use brands like Rinnai, Kohler, Moen, Delta and Bradford White.
  • Are they insured? Insurance protects both the customer and the plumber in the incidence of accident or injury. Petcosky & Sons is fully insured for your safety and peace of mind.
  • Do they offer a warranty? At Petcosky & Sons, we work hard to provide you with the best plumbing services for your Binghamton, NY home. We’re never finished with the job until you are completely satisfied. Our goal is to offer you the best plumbing contractor services available – guaranteed.
  • Will they provide an estimate? If a plumber gives you a price that seems too good to be true, it might be. Estimates that come in much lower than others can be the result of corners being cut or lesser quality parts being used. At Petcosky & Sons, we always provide a fair estimate to our customers that reflects a job done right.
  • How long have they been in business? A company that has been in business for a long time often has been successful because they have a reputation for providing quality workmanship. At Petcosky & Sons, we’ve been meeting the plumbing needs of people in the Binghamton, NY area for more than half a century.
  • Can they provide me with references? Word-of-mouth referrals are often the best when it comes to plumbing services. At Petcosky & Sons, we believe our best reviews come from the people we serve. We encourage our customers to talk to us about their experience with us, and we share their thoughts online.

Our qualified staff of plumbing technicians can help with anything from a leaky faucet to a complete bathroom or kitchen remodel. We offer our plumbing services in the Binghamton, NY area and beyond. Just call our trusted team at Petcosky & Sons at (607) 797-0160, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Do You Need Fire Protection for Your Binghamton, NY Business? Petcosky Fire Protection Systems Can Help

Nothing can be more devastating to a business or institution than a fire. Not only is valuable property destroyed, but where fire is involved, there is also the potential for the tragic loss of life. If you’re concerned about how your Binghamton, NY business, school or organization is protected against fire, you should know that Petcosky Fire Protection Systems, a division of Petcosky & Sons, can help you with your safety needs.

Petcosky Fire Protection Systems provides a number of services that can make your building safer, including the expert installation, inspection and retrofitting of fire suppression and sprinkler systems. We’re pleased to offer fire protection to Binghamton, NY businesses and institutions, as well as a comprehensive lineup of products for fire protection as well. We proudly provide:

  • Wet Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Dry Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Fire Pumps
  • Deluge Systems
  • Standpipe Systems
  • Anti-Freeze Loops
  • Fire Hydrants

According to a 2014 report by the National Fire Protection Association, or NFPA, structure fires accounted for 38 percent of the fires in the United States that year. The estimated property damage cost of fire that year was $11.6 billion. With such a large percentage of fires taking place in buildings, and the extreme cost of fire in this country, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Our experts can design, install and retrofit your sprinkler system, keeping your employees and clients safe.

We have helped numerous businesses, schools and organizations in Binghamton, NY and the surrounding areas get the fire protection they need for the safety of their building. Our clients have included Best Buy, SUNY Cortland, SUNY Delhi, Binghamton University, the Flannery Apartment Building, and the Elmira Housing Authority. We provide commercial and institutional properties with:

We strive to offer our commercial and institutional clients in Binghamton, NY with a fire protection system that meets their needs and ensures the safety of your building, your employees and your clients. We always work toward the complete satisfaction of our customers, and no job is ever finished until you’re entirely happy with the work we’ve done for you.

Petcosky Fire Protection Services provides Binghamton, NY businesses and organizations with commercial sprinkler system design, installation and repair. Just call our trusted team at (607) 797-0160, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

5 Ways You Can Improve the Indoor Air Quality in Your Binghamton, NY Home

People are spending more time than ever before indoors, and that’s one of the reasons why good indoor air quality is so important. Indoor air quality, or IAQ, is defined by the US Environmental Protection Agency as “the air quality within buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants.” The agency goes on to say that it is important for people to understand and control common indoor pollutants in order to mitigate health concerns. How can you make sure that the indoor air quality in your Binghamton, NY home is up to par?

There are certain indicators that let you know that the air you’re breathing in your home isn’t as good for you as it should be. If you’ve noticed an increase of allergy and asthma symptoms while spending extended periods of time indoors, there is a chance that your IAQ needs improvement. Other symptoms include dry, itchy skin, sneezing, headaches and throat and nasal irritation. If you’re dealing with any of these problems, it probably is a good time to consider making some improvements to the indoor air quality of your Binghamton, NY home.

Fortunately, there are many options available for homeowners who want to improve their home’s IAQ. A qualified HVAC dealer can help you choose the air quality products and services that will help make the air quality in your Binghamton, NY home my better for the health and comfort of you and your family. There is a broad range of IAQ products that can be installed in your home that will help with the air quality concerns you may be having. At Petcosky & Sons, we want out customers to be as comfortable as possible, which is why we’re pleased to offer a full range of IAQ products and services. You can choose from:

Air Purifiers: Our air purifiers are made to provide optimal performance and feature capture and kill technology, as well as premium filtration of pollutants, allergens and pathogens from the air in your Binghamton, NY home.

Humidifiers: If you experience overly dry air in your home, especially during the winter months, we provide whole-house humidifiers that add moisture to the air in your home, helping to keep dry skin, static cling and even sneezing and coughing at bay.

Ventilation Systems: Ventilation systems help to bring fresh air into your Binghamton, NY home, take the stale air out, and precondition the outdoor air so that you and your family enjoy better IAQ. Our ventilation fans are energy efficient and help reduce humidity as well.

UV Air Purifiers: Our ultraviolet, or UV, air purifiers are made to eliminate mold and bacteria, and to kill the microorganisms that can grow in your home’s cooling system. UV air purifiers improve your air quality and can help increase your system’s performance.

Air Filters & HEPA Filters: One of the easiest ways you can keep the air in your Binghamton, NY home cleaner and fresher is by making sure you regularly change your system’s air filter. HEPA filters trap pollutants, allergens and other microscopic particles that can cause diminished IAQ.

Any one of these five products can help you with the IAQ concerns in your Binghamton, NY home – Petcosky & Sons can help you discover which solution is right for you. Just call our trusted team at (607) 797-0160, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

A Fan-Tastic Way to Maximize the Air Conditioning in your Binghamton, NY Home

If you have central air conditioning, but you’ve noticed that the upstairs of your home stays uncomfortably warm even while your AC is running, then the changes are you have some issues with air circulation. Assuming that your central air unit is large enough to cool your whole house, you simply might not be getting the circulation you need. According to, fortunately that can be easily remedied by the addition of a couple of ceiling fans in your upstairs rooms.

The website suggests that the benefits of installing and running ceiling fans in your upstairs rooms far outweigh the initial cost of installing them, and in the long run you will actually save money on air conditioning for your Binghamton, NY home. Did you know that the average ceiling fan uses only around 60 watts of energy, even when you run it on its highest setting? In comparison, the average central air conditioning system uses approximately 3500 watts of energy when running. So, if running upstairs ceiling fans all day allows you to rely on your air conditioning system less, even by 30 minutes a day, you could save energy – and money on your utility bills – over time.

By running the ceiling fans continuously in the upstairs of your Binghamton, NY home, you should be able to set your air conditioning system at a higher temperature. While fans won’t actually cool the air, they will help to circulate the conditioned air more efficiently, and will provide a breeze that helps you feel cooler. According to the website, for best results you should keep ceiling fans running on high during the summer months, with the blades set to push the air down. (Helpful hint: you can also take advantage of ceiling fans during the winter months; just change the direction of the blades so the air is being pushed up, and keep fans on low.)

Some other ways you can maximize the air conditioning in the upstairs area of your Binghamton, NY home:

  • Keep shades and draperies drawn during the day
  • Keep the lights off or switch to LED bulbs
  • Open your upstairs registers and partially close the downstairs ones
  • Make sure upstairs registers aren’t blocked by furniture
  • Replace the filter in your system if dirty
  • Clean your outdoor AC system and make sure it’s free of vegetation and debris
  • Have a professional help you balance your AC system

If you need some help keeping the upstairs of your Binghamton, NY home cool during the summer months, you can count on Petcosky & Sons to help. We’ve been in the business of home comfort for three generations, since our business started in 1957. Since that time we’ve grown our business and today we proudly provide the best air conditioning products and services to help you stay cool and comfortable, all while enjoying better energy efficiency.

We provide air conditioning services to Binghamton, NY and the surrounding areas. When you need an air conditioning contractor for your home cooling needs, turn to the experts at Petcosky & Sons. Just call our trusted team at (607) 797-0160 and we will be pleased to assist you.

3 Signs You May Need AC Repair for Your Binghamton, NY Home

There’s nothing quite like taking a relaxing break from the summer temperatures, right in your own Binghamton, NY home. Kicking back on a hot day with a tall glass of lemonade and the AC running is a great way to beat the heat… unless your air conditioning system isn’t working as well as it should be. Nobody wants to think about their AC system not working properly when the temperatures start to soar, but that’s usually the time it happens. That’s because the hotter it is outside, the harder your system has to work to keep it cool inside, and if something’s ready to break down on your system, then overexertion doesn’t help. There are some telltale signs that can alert you to an AC breakdown, though.

You’re not getting cool air. Either the air blowing through the vents isn’t as cold as it was, or it’s not cold at all. If this is happening with your system, then it might be time for air conditioning repair in your Binghamton, NY home. Two possible culprits are low refrigerant levels, or that the compressor has failed. The best way to find out if either of these is causing a lack of cool air with your system is to call Petcosky & Sons for assistance.

The airflow is weak. One of the top reasons residents in Binghamton, NY call for AC repair is this very reason. Fortunately, it’s usually a relatively simple fix. Most of the time, poor airflow is the result of dirty filters or obstructed ductwork. Over time, debris and dirt collects in your ducts and can cause health concerns like allergy flare-ups, congestion and sneezing. Getting your ducts cleaned by a pro helps your air conditioning system live longer – and helps you and your family stay much more comfortable.

Your unit sounds – or smells – strange. Squealing noises can mean that a belt is out of place, or that your system needs more lubricant to ensure all the parts are working properly. Grinding sounds usually mean something’s up with the motor. If you note foul odors coming from the air conditioning system in your Binghamton, NY home, it can mean something has burned out, or that you have mold and mildew growing inside your unit. Any strange noises or smells warrant a call to your AC repair contractor.

Of course, one of the best ways to stop trouble before it results in needing an AC repair for your Binghamton, NY home is by getting annual maintenance. Petcosky & Sons offers residential protection plans to help identify any small issues with your air conditioning system before they become larger, more expensive issues. However, if for any reason you need a repair, we can help you too. Our skilled technicians have been trained in all aspects of air conditioner repair, and they’re qualified to troubleshoot any make or model of AC unit.

Don’t ignore the warning signs when it comes to your home’s AC system. When you need air conditioning repair in your Binghamton, NY home, look no further than the pros at Petcosky & Sons. Just call our trusted team at (607) 797-0160, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

If You Live in the Southern Tier, Trust Your Air Conditioning to Petcosky & Sons

When you live in the Southern Tier, you know that summers can get pretty hot and sticky. That’s why having an air conditioning system in your home that works both effectively and efficiently is so important. Whether you currently have air conditioning currently in your home, or are considering having a new unit installed, what you need most of all is an air conditioning contractor who is reliable and can help with all of your needs. For full-service air conditioning, you should know you can count on Petcosky & Sons.

When you choose us for air conditioning in your Southern Tier home, you’ll be working with a company that has provided quality HVAC services for three generations. Since 1957, we’ve taken great pride in offering our customers the best air conditioning units available – and the best service. We provide you with top-of-the-line air conditioning products and services, so you can rest assured you and your family will enjoy the best indoor comfort, no matter how hot it gets outside.

New Central Air: If you’ve been enduring the summer heat, either because your old air conditioning unit isn’t working as effectively as it used to, or because you never had central air, your wait is over. That’s because Petcosky & Sons offers our Southern Tier customers new central air conditioning that will provide them with cool comfort all summer long – and energy efficiency at the same time. We offer the industry’s best central air conditioning; so choosing the right system for your home – and your budget – is simple.

AC Repair: Nothing is worse than having your air conditioning break down on the Southern Tier’s hottest day of the year, but you’ll be glad to know that if it happens to you, you can rely on Petcosky & Sons for efficient, reliable air conditioning repair. No matter what type of equipment you own, you can count on us to make the air conditioning repairs you unit needs, expertly and efficiently. Even if your unit wasn’t installed by us, and isn’t a brand we carry, we’re happy to help you with your AC repair needs.

AC Maintenance, Service & Tune-Up: AC maintenance is important to the life of the air conditioning system in your Southern Tier home. When you choose AC maintenance, you’re choosing one of the best ways to ensure that your system will run optimally now and for years to come. Petcosky & Sons will provide a thorough inspection of your air conditioning system, making sure all aspects of your system are operating properly. We’ll take the necessary steps to ensure air conditioning system is running at its best, and we’ll tell you about our annual air conditioning residential protection plans to help keep it running.

AC Controls & Thermostats: The best way to ensure the air conditioning system in your Southern Tier home is performing optimally is by installing the proper AC controls and thermostats. The right thermostat can provide you with the ultimate in control and help you better manage your home’s energy use. The air conditioner thermostats and controls we install are slim, stylish and offer easy-to-read screens and an easy-to-use interface. Programmable models help you manage your AC usage and maintain your energy bills.

Ductless AC/Mini-Split: Is there an area in your Southern Tier home that could benefit from air conditioning, but where ductwork is either impractical or impossible? Then you could benefit from ductless AC from Petcosky & Sons. Also known as mini-split systems, ductless cooling works by providing cooled air to a specific space in your home, such as a sunroom or addition, without adding ductwork.

When you need air conditioning products and services for your Southern Tier home, count on Petcosky & Sons. No matter what your AC needs may be, we’re here to help. Just call our trusted team at 607-797-0160, and we will be pleased to assist you with all of your air conditioning needs.

How the Central Air Conditioning System in Your Binghamton, NY Home Works

You may have a central air conditioning system installed in your Binghamton, NY home, or you may be considering it. But one thing you may not have thought about is how your system works. While you probably don’t need (or want) to know all the technical particulars when it comes to your home’s air conditioner, it can be helpful to understand the basics of how it works. The American Society of Heating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) helps describe central air conditioning in layman’s terms.

ASHRAE explains that the main function of the central air conditioning in your Binghamton, NY home is to move the heat from inside the house out, keeping you and your home cool. Air conditioning systems work by removing the heat from the air and blowing the cooled air into the home. The air is cooled when it moves over the evaporator coil of the system, which is a series of cold pipes filled with refrigerant. Refrigerant changes from liquid to gas when it absorbs heat.

The heated refrigerant gas then goes through another coil located outside, called the condenser, where the heat is removed and the refrigerant is converted back into a liquid. The compressor of your central air conditioning system is the pump that moves the refrigerant between the two coils, and makes sure it is at the right pressure to evaporate or condense in the appropriate coils. Of course, the system needs a motor to run the compressor.

It’s important to know these fundamentals so that if you need services, you can understand what your HVAC technician is repairing on the central air conditioning system in your Binghamton, NY home. Common problems include refrigerant leaks and airflow obstructions across the coils. Often, your technician easily remedies these concerns. Some other problems can occur with motors or compressors within your system, and that can mean a more labor-intensive, more expensive fix.

The best way to keep the central air conditioning in your Binghamton, NY home running perfectly is by making sure you maintain your system on an annual basis. Air conditioning maintenance generally involves changing the filter in your system, cleaning coils, adding refrigerant if necessary, tuning your system and making any small repairs needed (before they become larger – and more costly – repairs.)

For instance, when you call Petcosky & Sons to maintain the central air conditioning in your Binghamton, NY home, you’ll be able to choose from a number of protection plans that best meet your needs as a homeowner. When you call us, we’ll be able to help you find the right protection plan for your air conditioning system and your lifestyle. No matter what plan you choose, you’ll have the benefit of peace of mind knowing that your system is in good hands.

Of course, if you need central air conditioning for your Binghamton, NY home, Petcosky & Sons can assist you as well. We offer new central air conditioning systems that provide you and your family with cool comfort all season long – and energy efficiency at the same time. Our highly trained technicians and sales force will help you understand all your options when it comes to central air, as well as the rebates and incentives available that can make installing central air more affordable for you.

Petcosky & Sons provides central air conditioning installation, maintenance and repair in Binghamton, NY and the surrounding areas. You can count on us for all of your needs – simply call us at (607) 797-0160, and we will be more than happy to assist you.