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Did you realize that heating, cooling and hot water have the biggest impact on your monthly energy costs? This, along with the soaring rates associated with electricity and gas, can create a strain on your family’s or business’s budget. That’s where Petcosky & Sons comes in. We can help you save hundreds of dollars annually on your utility bills, while increasing your family’s comfort and improving your home’s indoor air quality.

Today’s heating, cooling and plumbing options are downright exciting – that’s right, we said exciting! The industry has vastly changed since Paul Petcosky first opened shop in 1957. What began as a two-man operation out of his garage has grown into more than 30 employees. Several highly skilled technicians work from a state-of-the-art facility with a fully stocked warehouse and parts department. We’re here to show you all the HVAC and plumbing industry has to offer. The sky’s the limit with today’s technology. Greenspeed™ intelligence, multi stage equipment, and Hybrid Heat® dual fuel systems are just a few examples of the new, greener way of thinking in HVAC. All this new technology has so improved energy efficiency that even the federal government supports it by offering unheard of tax incentives to homeowners who upgrade their system.

We’ve been family owned and operated since the beginning, and for more than 56 years, our mission has evolved from simply replacing your noisy old clunker or solving that leak issue under the sink. We’ve become experts in new technology. Petcosky & Sons’ technicians and sales force can help you navigate through all the options available today and guide you through the various incentives and rebates that make switching to a higher efficiency system more affordable. Since day one, our attention to detail and customer satisfaction have always come first.

We’ve dedicated our company to this new way of thinking. Our goal is to provide Triple City residents and businesses with efficient and affordable HVAC and plumbing work. There’s a wealth of information here to get you started. Of course, if the answers to your questions aren’t here on these pages, give us a ring anytime.

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About Petcosky & Sons
Petcosky & Sons
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