Allergy Sufferers Can Enjoy Relief with Air Scrubber Plus®

For many people, the arrival of spring also means the arrival of allergy symptoms. Itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, head congestion and coughing are just a few, and they are uncomfortable. The American College of Allergies, Asthma and Immunology, or ACAAI says that 40 to 60 million Americans suffer from allergies that cause the symptoms of allergic rhinitis listed above. The ACAAI also indicates that for most, allergic rhinitis takes two different forms. Mold and pollen trigger seasonal sufferers. Perennial sufferers deal with symptoms year-round, and are usually triggered by dust, pet dander and mold.

What can you do if you’re dealing with the uncomfortable side effects of allergies? Too often, people just try to live with them. Most organizations like the ACAAI recommend using air filters or cleaners to reduce the amount of allergens in household air, but many people don’t take that advice. People worry about the expense, or a unit taking up space in their home. They are concerned about noise, or having to replace filters on a frequent basis. Rather than finding a solution that helps them feel better, they suffer all through allergy season – when they don’t have to.

Petcosky & Sons offers innovative air quality solutions, like the Air Scrubber Plus.

The first thing any allergy sufferer should do is find a company to help them improve the air they breathe. They should look for someone who offers a number of air quality solutions, like filters and cleaners. Allergy sufferers should also look for someone who understands and uses new technology. Nowadays, people spend more time indoors than ever before, and that means inventors are coming up with new methods for cleaning the air we breathe all the time. A reputable company will look at all the new air quality innovations, and bring the best choices to their customers.

Petcosky & Sons is always looking at new ways to help their customers stay comfortable and healthy. You count on us to bring you the best heating, cooling and plumbing solutions. Did you know you can also trust us with your air quality needs, too. We help our customers, especially those with allergies, get the air quality solutions they need. At Petcosky & Sons, we provide a range of products that can help take care of those itchy eyes and that sneezing nose. Most recently, we’ve added the Air Scrubber Plus to our repertoire of air quality solutions.

The Air Scrubber Plus goes to work for you immediately.

Once installed by one of our highly skilled technicians, the Air Scrubber Plus begins to work right away. You’ll be able to enjoy fresher, purer air in your home in no time. And, the only thing you will notice about the Air Scrubber Plus is your improved air quality – it’s installed in your existing ductwork and is not visible inside your home. There are many benefits you’ll enjoy when you install an Air Scrubber Plus in your home, which include:

  • Reduction of dangerous airborne contaminants
  • A cleaner home environment for your family
  • Health benefits due to a reduction in pathogens
  • 24/7 air cleaning
  • Reduction in environmental toxins
  • Removal of pet and cooking odors
  • Prolonged life of heating and cooling equipment

Your comfort is important to us – we know how unpleasant it is to suffer from the effects of poor indoor air quality. We’re pleased to provide you with the best installation of your Air Scrubber Plus, and we’re never done with the job until you, the customer, is completely satisfied with the work we’ve done. When you need improved air quality in your home, breathe easy – just call our trusted team at Petcosky & Sons at (607) 797-0160, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.