A Fan-Tastic Way to Maximize the Air Conditioning in your Binghamton, NY Home

If you have central air conditioning, but you’ve noticed that the upstairs of your home stays uncomfortably warm even while your AC is running, then the changes are you have some issues with air circulation. Assuming that your central air unit is large enough to cool your whole house, you simply might not be getting the circulation you need. According to thesimpledollar.com, fortunately that can be easily remedied by the addition of a couple of ceiling fans in your upstairs rooms.

The website suggests that the benefits of installing and running ceiling fans in your upstairs rooms far outweigh the initial cost of installing them, and in the long run you will actually save money on air conditioning for your Binghamton, NY home. Did you know that the average ceiling fan uses only around 60 watts of energy, even when you run it on its highest setting? In comparison, the average central air conditioning system uses approximately 3500 watts of energy when running. So, if running upstairs ceiling fans all day allows you to rely on your air conditioning system less, even by 30 minutes a day, you could save energy – and money on your utility bills – over time.

By running the ceiling fans continuously in the upstairs of your Binghamton, NY home, you should be able to set your air conditioning system at a higher temperature. While fans won’t actually cool the air, they will help to circulate the conditioned air more efficiently, and will provide a breeze that helps you feel cooler. According to the website, for best results you should keep ceiling fans running on high during the summer months, with the blades set to push the air down. (Helpful hint: you can also take advantage of ceiling fans during the winter months; just change the direction of the blades so the air is being pushed up, and keep fans on low.)

Some other ways you can maximize the air conditioning in the upstairs area of your Binghamton, NY home:

  • Keep shades and draperies drawn during the day
  • Keep the lights off or switch to LED bulbs
  • Open your upstairs registers and partially close the downstairs ones
  • Make sure upstairs registers aren’t blocked by furniture
  • Replace the filter in your system if dirty
  • Clean your outdoor AC system and make sure it’s free of vegetation and debris
  • Have a professional help you balance your AC system

If you need some help keeping the upstairs of your Binghamton, NY home cool during the summer months, you can count on Petcosky & Sons to help. We’ve been in the business of home comfort for three generations, since our business started in 1957. Since that time we’ve grown our business and today we proudly provide the best air conditioning products and services to help you stay cool and comfortable, all while enjoying better energy efficiency.

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