3 Signs You May Need AC Repair for Your Binghamton, NY Home

There’s nothing quite like taking a relaxing break from the summer temperatures, right in your own Binghamton, NY home. Kicking back on a hot day with a tall glass of lemonade and the AC running is a great way to beat the heat… unless your air conditioning system isn’t working as well as it should be. Nobody wants to think about their AC system not working properly when the temperatures start to soar, but that’s usually the time it happens. That’s because the hotter it is outside, the harder your system has to work to keep it cool inside, and if something’s ready to break down on your system, then overexertion doesn’t help. There are some telltale signs that can alert you to an AC breakdown, though.

You’re not getting cool air. Either the air blowing through the vents isn’t as cold as it was, or it’s not cold at all. If this is happening with your system, then it might be time for air conditioning repair in your Binghamton, NY home. Two possible culprits are low refrigerant levels, or that the compressor has failed. The best way to find out if either of these is causing a lack of cool air with your system is to call Petcosky & Sons for assistance.

The airflow is weak. One of the top reasons residents in Binghamton, NY call for AC repair is this very reason. Fortunately, it’s usually a relatively simple fix. Most of the time, poor airflow is the result of dirty filters or obstructed ductwork. Over time, debris and dirt collects in your ducts and can cause health concerns like allergy flare-ups, congestion and sneezing. Getting your ducts cleaned by a pro helps your air conditioning system live longer – and helps you and your family stay much more comfortable.

Your unit sounds – or smells – strange. Squealing noises can mean that a belt is out of place, or that your system needs more lubricant to ensure all the parts are working properly. Grinding sounds usually mean something’s up with the motor. If you note foul odors coming from the air conditioning system in your Binghamton, NY home, it can mean something has burned out, or that you have mold and mildew growing inside your unit. Any strange noises or smells warrant a call to your AC repair contractor.

Of course, one of the best ways to stop trouble before it results in needing an AC repair for your Binghamton, NY home is by getting annual maintenance. Petcosky & Sons offers residential protection plans to help identify any small issues with your air conditioning system before they become larger, more expensive issues. However, if for any reason you need a repair, we can help you too. Our skilled technicians have been trained in all aspects of air conditioner repair, and they’re qualified to troubleshoot any make or model of AC unit.

Don’t ignore the warning signs when it comes to your home’s AC system. When you need air conditioning repair in your Binghamton, NY home, look no further than the pros at Petcosky & Sons. Just call our trusted team at (607) 797-0160, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.