Five Reasons Why Maintaining the Boiler in Your Binghamton, NY Home is Important

If you rely on a boiler for heat in your Binghamton, NY home, then you know how crucial it is that your boiler is working perfectly once the colder weather rolls around. Winters in our area can be brutal, and people rely on their heating system to stay safe and warm when the temperatures outside take a nosedive. Making sure your boiler is ready to handle the demands of heating season is one of the most important measures you can take when it comes to your family’s comfort and safety. Here are five reasons why you should consider annual boiler maintenance for your system.

Boiler maintenance reduces operating costs. A boiler that is not properly maintained often experiences issues that could have been easily avoided. For instance, if your boiler is regularly maintained, you’ll know right away if your water is too hard for your boiler to handle. If your technician notices scale or mineral build-up they can get you a water treatment system installed to prevent problems down the road. Left unchecked, though, the scale could reduce efficiency, cause overheating, and lead to boiler failure.

Boiler maintenance reduces energy costs. Your boiler is likely one of the biggest energy users in your Binghamton, NY home. When your boiler isn’t working properly, it takes more energy to get the job done. Efficiency checks during boiler maintenance can help your technician identify ways your boiler could be more efficient, and make the necessary fixes so that your boiler is operating at maximum efficiency, helping to shave off some of your energy costs.

Boiler maintenance improves safety. Boilers are responsible for heating, and that involves combustibles, which, if faulty, can be dangerous. Getting regular maintenance ensures your safety relief valve, flame safeguard controls, low water cutoff controls and indicator lights and alarms are in good working order.

Boiler maintenance prolongs the life of your boiler. It just stands to reason that making sure the boiler in your Binghamton, NY home is free of scale and buildup, running efficiency checks, and testing the safeguards of your boiler system will help your boiler last longer. You make sure your vehicle has an annual inspection to ensure optimal operation and long life; boiler maintenance is exactly the same.

Boiler maintenance helps small problems from becoming larger ones. Sometimes, your boiler can seem to be working fine, but there might be trouble brewing under the surface. When you get an annual check-up on the boiler in your Binghamton, NY home, your technician will be able to identify any issues that, while small, could lead to larger, and much more expensive, problems in the future, and take care of them right away.

When you choose Petcosky & Sons for your boiler maintenance needs, you’ll get expert service from our highly trained technicians, who understand boiler maintenance inside and out. They’re able to maintain any make or model of boiler on the market – even if it’s a brand we don’t sell, we can still provide the maintenance you need to keep the boiler in your home running great now and for years to come.

At Petcosky & Sons, we take great pride in providing you the best boiler maintenance available in the Binghamton, NY area, and no job is ever complete until you are 100 percent satisfied with the work we’ve done for you. When you need boiler maintenance, count on our trusted team – just give us a call at 607-797-0160, and we will be more than happy to assist you.